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The Foundation is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for our colleagues and fans alike by supporting and engaging them through our programmes and partnerships. Vandrezzer Foundation uses its four cardinal principles of football artistry, arts, hospitality and entertainment to inspire and support young people in its South -South region of Nigeria particularly, its home state Akwa-Ibom.

Just knowing that Vandrezzer is having a home game is a guarantee to provide platform for upcoming artiste to show case their talent to the world. VFC foundation has contributed and will continue to contribute to its host communities such as celebrating with the vulnerable members of our immediate society galvanizing support for education and health facilities within its locality.

Following the recent outbreak of COVID-19 in Nigeria, VFC foundation has demonstrated its commitment of providing a safe and healthy environment by providing over 1,500 bottles of 500ml hand sanitizers to the most vulnerable part of its host community in Akwa-Ibom and extend same to Lagos state where Nigeria’s index case of COVID-19 was discovered The foundation is open to all kind spirited individual who are desirous of touching lives positively. Keep in touch with us on the latest activities of the foundation.