Vandrezzer FC young sensation, Ekerete Udom started playing football from his primary school days. Nicknamed ‘Tall boi’ with an astonishing height of 1.94m, the 19-yr old central defender turned striker recently had a brief chat with VFCTV about his football journey.

Tell us about your football journey so far?

I started playing football right from my primary school days to my secondary level which led me to join an Academy for the first time; Destiny Football Academy, in Akwa Ibom State, my state of origin. 

I then moved on to Donaldini Football Academy in 2016. In the same year (2016) I was scouted from Donaldini Football Academy to Uyo Sapphire, Lagos where I trained and stayed for a year. On my return to Uyo in 2017, I was invited for a screening with Ibom Youth FC of Uyo and thereafter I signed the first professional contract of my career with the club.

In 2018 I received an invitation from Cheetah FC, a division one side in Ghana. I went ahead and signed with the team but only spent six months at the club before returning to Nigeria because of the suspension of football activities in Ghana, as a result of corruption charges leveled against the then GFA president by FIFA.

I joined Vandrezzer FC in 2019 and I'm here till now.

What does playing football mean to you?

Football is a lot to me because it has kept me on the right path of life. Sometimes I'm depressed, sad and things may happen that make me think a lot. Once I get into the pitch, I derive so much joy not minding what I'm going through. Football gives me joy and brings happiness to me when I feel depressed.

If you were not a Footballer, what would you be?

(Laughs). There's no doubt all I wanted to be in life was a Footballer. But if it wasn't football, for some reason, I'll be a Naval officer. I love men on uniform especially those of the Navy. I was told sometimes in the past that I could easily make into the military because of my body structure and height.  So maybe I would have tried being a Naval officer, but thank God football is working!

What do you think of your present club, Vandrezzer FC?

Truly I respect the club's high level of professionalism and motive which she carries of redefining football in Nigeria. (Chuckles). It's not easy but with the great passion I've seen in the team, it has been possible. If forty percent of clubs in Nigeria operate like or close to Vandrezzer FC, football in Nigeria will be better if not the best.

What is your ambition now with Vandrezzer FC?

I have a lot of ambitions with Vandrezzer FC but right now my main ambition with the team is to pick the promotional ticket to the NPFL next season and surely we will.

What will you hope to be remembered for after retirement from Football?

I know someday I'll retire but before then my dreams would have been long achieved. Dreams of winning cups for my country and club; breaking setting world records. I want to be remembered as one of the best players in the world.

I want to leave Football with a legacy and to be remembered as a Legend.

 VFC wishes 'Tall boi' a successful football career as he continues this journey with us.

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