The management of Vandrezzer FC wishes to announce the return of forward Etiti Solomon to the squad, following the settlement of his transfer dispute. 

Recall that the winger’s contract was put on hold on December 5, 2021, few days after signing with VFC, as a result of claims by Olukismet Football Club that he had a running contract with the Nationwide League One clubside. 

VFC had relied on information supplied to us by the said player and his management (A&A), stating all the teams he has featured with, without including Olukismet, which we put accordingly in our publication. 

The decision to suspend his contract was to allow him sort out the prevailing issues, failure of which might have resulted in the cancellation of his contract with VFC. 

However, after few weeks, precisely on December 29, 2021, 

the management of Olukismet released a statement agreeing to the release of Etiti to Vandrezzer FC.

According to the statement, which followed an official letter to VFC management, and signed by the club’s secretary Ogundipe Abiodun Bright: 

"A & A Sports Club and Olukismet FC have jointly agreed that Etiti Solomon should be released from Olukismet to play for Vandrezzer FC while both clubs would share proceeds from the transfer amongst ourselves...”

The statement went further to state that a release made earlier after the unveiling of the player was not intended to cast aspersions on the integrity of Vandrezzer FC but an attempt to set the records straight which has led to an amicable settlement of issues surrounding the bona-fide owner of the player.

"We are definitely encouraged by what Vandrezzer FC are doing and we are glad to do business with them" the statement concluded.

As usual, and as we have continually stated and displayed, Vandrezzer FC stands for entrenchment of rules of engagement, in line with global best practices involving transfers and contracting of players. 

Consequently, we welcome Etiti back to the squad to see out his three-year contract with us, and wish him a successful stay.

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