Former General Secretary of the Nigeria Football Federation, Musa Ahmadu has described Vandrezzer FC as the standard for Nigerian clubs due to the high level professionalism around the club.

Ahmadu, who took a tour of VFC's facility in Uyo on Monday, hailed the club's President, Joe Udofia for the team's organisation. 

"The president Joe Udofia has put in a very professional set up, and Vandrezzer Football Club is a club that can rival any football club professionally run in Europe or in the UK.

"I want to say that all the best practices in terms of having a football academy, players' welfare, contracts, playing pitches, training facilities, jerseys...a whole lot has been put in here and I am astonishingly surprised with what I have been able to see."

The football administrator added that Vandrezzer FC should be the benchmark for clubs in all leagues in Nigeria, while calling on all to emulate the Lions of Naija.

"Honestly, this is the way to go. This is supposed to be the benchmark for any football club in Nigeria; whether it's in the NPFL, the Nigeria National League (NNL), the women's league or the NLO. This is the way to go.

"We know the things that need to be done and the investments that need to be put in place for us to have such a set up, and one has to have the vision and the business-minded way of doing things, and to also be passionate about driving the game and putting in place a professional set up.

"You can't have only one club doing it this way and other clubs are not replicating it...It is when all the clubs in the league come together that we will have a product that is marketable, sellable and is something that sponsors, the media, the fans will buy into. This is the way to go forward, and I commend the president of Vandrezzer FC, Joe Udofia for doing a wonderful job and putting us on the proper road to professionalize the running of club football in Nigeria."

Vandrezzer FC took the Nigerian football scene by storm in 2019, and have opened up to accommodate an under 23 side, an academy and a huge fan base across the world - making the club the most followed in Nigeria and one of the most followed clubs in Africa.


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