Vandrezzer FC’s Sports Science Director Chris Barnes insists that last month’s Lagos FA Cup final victory has given the club more belief that the current club structure is working. 

According to Barnes, the experience has fueled confidence to achieve more. 

“It means different things for different people. The players themselves, through the experience of getting to the final and winning the Lagos FA Cup, they come into the pre-season training with a new belief, they believe in the coaching staff and they are actually testing themselves in the division that the club actually is. But also, it gives the management and coaching staff renewed belief that there are more chances of progress."

Chris who watched our FA Cup triumph from London via VFCTV says the win will bring progress to the club, and enhance the agenda of being a top team in the country and continent. 

"The agenda doesn’t change, it has always been the same and follows the vision of the Founder & President that modern football club be structured, with processes and accountability, not just for the players, but also for the staff. We are insistent on processes in place, we will contribute to increasing the chances of winning games. If we win games, we win tournaments. It’s all about progress.”

With the trajectory of football development in Nigeria, Barnes is of the opinion that people will challenge what sports science brings to football, but says it will convince a lot of people in months to come. 

“We all know the agenda of the football club, we are trying to do things differently and I think that sometimes, people will question are we going in the right way? And hopefully, day by day, week by week, month by month, we are actually convincing ourselves that yes, actually, this is the way forward and we will make a difference and be the top team in Nigeria.”

Barnes arrived the team’s training base in Uyo on Thursday from UK., and together with Ashely De Beer and the rest of the technical crew, will be part of an intensive pre-season camping for the Lions. 

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