Happy Democracy Day 2021

Today, we celebrate with all Nigerians on this occasion of the country's democracy day. 

We, most especially, wish to pay respects to a man whom we honour on this day, June 12 - late Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola, popularly referred to as MKO, the founder and owner of the defunct Abiola Babes FC, and supposed winner of the Nigerian presidential election on this day in 1993. 

It has been 28 years since the historic June 12 election in Nigeria. The date has in the past two years been symbolically accepted as Democracy Day, marking what was believed to be the fairest ever national election in the country.

We at VFC remember regrettably the fact that MKO’s desire to lead Nigeria led to his eventual demise in 1998, while in detention since 1993 following his self declaration as president after that election. 

We  equally remember him as the only honouree of the African Pillar of Sports, a title he got for his selfless service, labour and philanthropy towards sports development in Nigeria and Africa. 

His dedication, sacrifice and selflessness saw him become the only Nigerian to found three football clubs: Concord FC of Lagos, ITT FC of Lagos, and notably Abiola Babes of Abeokuta, one of the most celebrated privately-owned teams that existed in the 80s and 90s. 

He supported Nigeria's National Football team (Green Eagles) financially and morally, just as other sports federations in Nigeria continually benefitted from his benevolence. 

Nigerian sports never had a more avid supporter like MKO, until his venture into politics cut short his life in July 1998. 

Even now, 28 years after the famously annulled elections, and 23 years after his demise, MKO remains an enigma... A true Nigerian hero.

Vandrezzer FC wishes to salute the late icon and pray that his labour to liberate Nigerian sports and the country at large will never be in vain.

Happy Democracy Day!

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