The Board and Management of Vandrezzer Football Club wishes to commend and congratulate the Chairperson, Management and Board of the Nigeria Women Football League (NWFL) for setting and sticking to a date for the commencement of the league, which kicked off as scheduled on Wednesday 9th December, 2020 at designated venues across the country.

Perhaps it is pertinent to state that the Board of NWFL ably led by the indefatigable and focused Madam Aisha Falode has demonstrated leadership quality and placed on the front burner, the importance of enhancing the professional career of the players, need to stimulate and protect the investment of sponsors of the teams, the private investors in particular and the doggedness to ensure that things can be done. 

Having to set a date and kick-start with fourteen (14) teams in the Premiership cadre of the league, insisting and ensuring that all clubs conform to rules and regulation of the league body, deserves a round of applause.

We at Vandrezzer Football Club remain solidly behind the NWFL, and we urge the Board not to relent on its oars in their bid to advance the league and take the development of the women league in Nigeria to the next higher levels.

We equally wish to emphasize that we are being motivated and encouraged by the activities of the NWFL to commence the idea of investing massively in the set up and running of a female team if the trends continues.



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