Vandrezzer Football Club, as part of her strategic focus in pioneering a new era in Nigerian football club management has launched a new logo and motto that will henceforth form the identity of the club. 

The re-invention of the Vandrezzer FC brand was borne out of the need for greater partnership with our community and other stakeholders, so together we can be the change that we seek within our community. 

Vandrezzer FC has been at the forefront in pioneering change in club football, projecting player development, fan match-day experience and continuous engagement; now through partnership, we will strive to bring that change to the very heart of our community. 


The rebranding sees the pioneer logo which features the face of a Lion wearing a crown, take on a more dignified place; bordered by our signature two-tone red and orange coloured ‘V’...giving the Lion a much *stronger look*.

In the new logo, the stars, crown and football are taken out, eliminating every distraction and focusing, unwavering, like the Lions that we are! The circle has the club’s name inscribed in blue, and the ‘V’ is now legibly coloured orange and red. 

The new logo concept for the Vandrezzer FC brand has been created around the 'V' idea. It is a simple and exciting concept that evokes in all stakeholders, the feeling of courage, victory and togetherness. 



The new motto is Victorious Together which is a shortened remake of the pioneer slogan Won’t Walk That Road Without You. It speaks of unity, partnership and success. We have “Dared to do more” and now... Together,  we can achieve much more!

The motto signifies the Spirit of community - 

‘Victorious’. After walking the road with us to victory, staying strong through thick and thin, celebrating strides and demanding more from the team; the call now is on fans, supporters, and sponsors to unite to achieve much more and be the change for our youth and wider community.


The launch includes the unveiling of our Club values, subsumed in the acronym LIONS:

L - Leadership: Lead by example, always looking to develop, learn and lead the way in innovation and practice.

I - Integrity: Showing a consistent and uncompromising adherence to strong moral ethical principles and values.

O - Organized: Taking responsibility for applying high standards for professionalism on and off the field. 

N - Nurture: Creating the best environment to help develop and shape individual talent in a team culture.

S - Success: Striving for excellence through preparation and performance of the highest standard.

Vandrezzer FC - Who Are We?

We are Leaders, Strong, Together, Courageous, Respectful, Brave, Ambitious, Fearless, Passionate, Victorious. These are the characteristics of the Lion - The Vandrezzer Lion.

Our fans, our team, our partners and our community together are the lions and through our togetherness we become Victorious.

Succinctly put: We are ‘VICTORIOUS TOGETHER!’.

It is our hope that this new identity will grow on all of us, and inspire us to do more, stand together with our club to be the change we desire in our community and our world.

Indeed, it is the Dawn of a new era...

NOTE: The latest changes to our identity will take effect from today, February 09, 2022. However, this change will reflect on our Jerseys, by the 2022/23 season. 

Vandrezzer FC...Victorious Together!

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