Today, we remind ourselves of the important role that institutions, societies and nations play in creating a safe haven for children. 

Many such issues with diverse goals that concern a child’s development abound,  such as promoting gender equality, raising awareness of mental health of children; and today is one of such days to blow the trumpet about them. 

Today especially, is a day to increase that advocacy around child rights, child safety, exploitation and discrimination. A day to generally harp on the need to safeguard and improve the well-being of children.

Everything about this day is pretty special. As a parent, having children is one of the most significant things that can ever happen to you.

As a teacher, it’s your utmost duty to educate them in a way that makes them better human beings. 

They are the future, so let's remember train them in the right way because it is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.

Every child is special regardless of race, religion, and caste. Usher them with lots of love and positivity on this day and make sure to teach them how to be more kind to the world. When a kid smiles, God smiles upon you – remember this. 

Protect their rights!

Fight against Child Trafficking!

Stop Child Abuse!

As a football club, we celebrate all little boys and girls who follow, cheer and support us;  and we stand as part of those that have pledged to make this world a safe and enjoyable place for all children - so they can realize their dreams, and grow up to be great in whatever field they so endeavour.  

Happy Children’s Day! 

From all of us at VFC. 

VANDREZZER FC FC...Victorious Together!

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