Let's Make History

Dear Lion,

All around the world, from Europe to North America, from Asia to Africa, from South America to Australia and Antarctica, the game of football has always been associated with passion, emotion, excitement, and dedication. The emotions exhibited by fans as they support their football team are oftentimes intense.

To express these indescribable feelings, football fans have used songs, chants, and anthem to express their love for their club, eulogize the players, and coach or taunt the opposition. Fans show support to their Club as they sing them through the highs and the lows, both on and off the pitch. These chants have many times been sung or spoken as a motivation to the players to inspire within them, the needed boost to increase their performance in the match.

The loud shouts, singing, drumming and sometimes rhythmic silence are the prayers offered by the fans that eventually light up the stadium during a difficult match. Indeed, what could be more fun, exciting, and patriotic than a football anthem, song, or chant being sung to the hearing of the players as they go against their opponent on the pitch?

Did you know that some of these chants and songs were based on hymns, classical music, and nursery rhymes while a few others were spoken words and original songs?

Well, guess what, here is an opportunity to pledge your allegiance and support as a lion, by creatively composing an anthem, song or a chant for your favorite club, Vandrezzer FC. This could eventually go a long way to represent the club's history and belief.

To participate, send in your composed song to support@vandrezzerfc.com

We would review your entry and the best anthem, song, or chant that reflects who we are, will be adopted by the club as one of its anthem, song or chants. The composer will be recorded and duly recognized in the history of Vandrezzer FC. This would be fun so let’s get started.

Go lions, you roar!

Won’t walk that road without you

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