PRESS RELEASE: Outcome of NNL/Vandrezzer FC  Meeting

The Nigeria National League and and the management of Vandrezzer FC met Wednesday 28 April,2021  at the League body's Secretariat, Abuja to deliberate on the letter of  Withdrawal by Vandrezzer and resolved as follows:

1. Both agreed to put whatever differences  behind  and to seek avenues where all can work better with the League and all the Clubs.

2.NNL was pleased with the  contributions and innovations made by Vandrezzer FC and encouraged  other Clubs to come up with  ideas  to improve the chances of attracting sponsors and commercial partners . 

3. NNL is a progressive body  and welcomes ideas that will help market the league to the outside world as long as it does not impede on their rules and regulations.

4.NNL re-affirmed its directives to all clubs to use their available broadcast mechanism to cover their home and away matches.  Any club that hinders, prohibits or causes any delays in the live streaming of their home and away matches, would be fined as stated is an earlier correspondence to the clubs.

5. That Vandrezzer FC would be continuing the League 

The NNL was represented by the CEO of NNL Sajo Mohammed Esq, Emmanuel Adesanya COO, Nicholas Akujobi, and Wale Adeyinka while Vandrezzer FC was represented by Vice Chairman Tupere Bruno Esq and Club Secretary Philip Iseh Esq.

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