Ahead of the 2020/21 Football League season, Vandrezzer FC is pleased to unveil the theme song for the new season.

The song titled 'Lions Of Naija' is specifically composed with upbeat tunes and strongly influenced by the African music rhythm. It would be played during the player procession at all games the club will be featured.

According to VFC's Chief Operating Officer , Kingsley Ogbonna, “The idea of composing a theme song for 2020/2021 was necessitated by the increasing stature of songs and chants on match days. We are indeed excited about the culture infused into the song as it captures the true spirit of Vandrezzer FC.”

“Like you know, nothing moves people like the game of football and music. This theme song seemed to tick all the boxes - inspirational, aspirational, and celebratory with an extremely memorable chorus. It captures the relentless and dogged energy in our stadiums, and leverages on the rhythm that is created by our fans,” said Ogbonna.

He also added: "Vandrezzer FC is a club that runs very high on emotion and our supporters would sing the theme song to set the stage for what is about to unfold: the anticipation, the drama, the emergence of the biggest stars as they march on the field, and the noise leading to kick-off."

“Vandrezzer FC is privileged to have a very robust and emotional supporters’ group that believe they must attend the game not just to observe the event but to sing their team to victory. The actions performed by  supporters during the game — the ritual chants, songs, beating of drums, blowing of trumpets, banner waving, are believed to have a direct effect on how the game is played and could motivate the team to greater performance, ” the COO concluded. 

The theme song which will be played during pre-game player processions at all the Lions' matches in the 2020/ 2021 League Season, is available for download from our website and other popular music streaming platforms.

The lyrics video can be found on VFC TV or Vandrezzer FC YouTube page.

Memorize the VFC 2020/21 season theme song and make it yours! 

Meanwhile, the search for the official VFC anthem is still on. Entries should be forwarded to

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