Today is for the Boy Child!

A day to remind parents and guardians on the need to ensure proper education for the Boy Child; and groom him in a godly way, imbibing respect, love, diligence, patience, faithfulness, generosity, and other important virtues. 

A day to call on mothers to continue their undying love and care for the Boy Child, so he can grow up respecting and caring for other women, like his mother did for him. 

A day to remind the society and government to encourage and support the boy child, in order for him to turn out right and positively impact the community and government. 

A day remind everyone of us to help the Boy Child who has been broken, to find his way back to good morals and good living. 

A day to push for rehabilitation, retraining, mentoring and catering  for the Boy Child who by unfortunate circumstances has found himself on the streets. 

A day to advocate for more upright role models for the Boy Child, from fathers to male teachers, clerics to relatives and even entertainment and football icons. 

A day to reassure the Boy Child that he can be whatever he sets his mind to be, as long as he works hard for it, and focuses on his dream. 

And to also let him know that in future, the sanity and development of his society and indeed the world, would largely depend on how well he makes decisions; and so, he must promise himself to grow up being the best he can be, so that the world will be a better place! 

Happy International Day Of the Boy Child. 🎉

From all of us at Vandrezzer FC. 

Vandrezzer FC...Victorious Toghether!

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