Newly appointed Vandrezzer FC coach Tony Bolus has predicted a fine outing during his stay with the Lions, as the team already has structures on ground to succeed. 

The 51 year old CAF B licenced coach who spoke during his unveiling at the team's camp in Lagos insists the VFC management has made his job easier by  doing seventy five percent of the work : 

“The management has done a lot from what I’ve seen today, they have actually done a lot. The coaches I have seen on ground have done a lot, they have a structure that you won’t see anywhere and the players are very young and it makes the job a lot easier for me, its just for us as team to be able to blend the players and for them to start winning. 

“The team is on ground, it's for us to blend and understand each other very well. Seventy five percent of the work has been done already by the management, we have everything, they have put in everything for us to succeed, what is left is for us to go there and succeed.”

The experienced coach says he feels like a Lion already and looks forward to winning games and taking the club to the top.

“I feel like a Lion already. It’s great. We are looking for good games, winning mentality and we want to roar like Lions, we want to bring in everything into the team, we want to see a new Vandrezzer FC, we want to see different mentality from what we’ve been used to.”

The structure at VFC has taken Bolus by surprise and has greatly increased his respect for the club:

“With my little time here, I’ve seen a lot and learnt a lot and I’ve seen the structure, to be very sincere, I’ve never seen this kind of structure in my experience as a coach. It’s a different experience I am seeing here and I hope I am going to give all and learn as well.”

Are you here to rescue the club?

“I don’t believe Vandrezzer needs to be rescued, the team is not actually doing badly, but one thing I observed is to put the ball in the back of the net and that is our duty as we are coming in, to make sure that is possible. We have a couple of games that we need to play, after these games, by His grace, we will be back up there, I have told the boys this morning that it is possible.”

On his return to the Soccer Temple…

“I am back home. Where you call your home, you won’t find things difficult, you do things easy and I believe we are going to do our jobs easily. It is a ground I am used to, I don’t need to start understanding how the pitch looks like, where the surface is good and not good, I understand the pitch very well and I believe the boys by now will understand it more.”

On his first task against 3SC

“It is not over until it is over, I don’t believe any team is too special to lose a game, they (opponents) have their game plans and we have our game plan that we are working on already and we are going to unleash everything on them. We are not leaving any stone unturned, they will meet us, we are waiting for them.”

On the technological innovations by the club…

“Vandrezzer FC has brought something on the table for every team to imitate and that will develop our football very well. By next season, I expect to see other teams doing the same thing and that is when our football is going to move forward. I am happy to be part of the people that started this, part of history, so, it’s a good thing and I believe next season, the league is going to be more competitive and all over the world now you can watch NNL matches live.

“When development comes, you cannot stop it, it is a thing that you must move with. Everybody wants good things, nobody wants to remain at our old analog system, I believe everybody will embrace this, by the time they start seeing that Vandrezzer has started getting the dividends, everybody will be forced to go back to what is right.”

Message to the fans…

“I really need to appreciate everyone of them, I’ve read couple of things myself that I never expected to be welcomed this way and I am promising them I will put in my best to make sure the team is transformed and we are going to give them results they desire.”

Bolus was named as our new head coach on Tuesday, and will take charge of his first game on Saturday May 8, against Shooting Stars at the Soccer Temple in Lagos.

As usual, the game will be LIVE on VFCTV via the Vandrezzer FC mobile application. 

Vandrezzer FC...won't walk that road without you!

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