Vandrezzer Football Club has been compelled to pull out of the Value Jet NPFL Pre-season Tournament holding at the Remo Stars stadium in Ikenne, Ogun State after reaching the semi final stage.

The withdrawal became necessary due to the refusal of the organizers to allow Vandrezzer FC use the team's official kits in the semi final match.

For the records, the letter of invitation to VFC to take part in the pre-season, dated 8th August, 2022 did not specify any terms and conditions that participating clubs would be required to appear in apparels provided by the sponsors of the tournament, Value Jet.

Using the kits provided by the sponsors amounted to a breach of contract with "Hexxen", a brand that has a subsisting kit sponsorship deal with the Lions of Naija. An internal consequence management process had to be activated following the unauthorized use of Valujet apparels at the opening game, where the jerseys were hurriedly hoisted on the team as they were making their entrance into the arena at the start of the game. 

These concerns were duly communicated to the organizers of the Valujet tournament in our letter dated August 27, 2022. No response was received to our letter and subsequent group encounters with Ijebu United, Plateau United and the host team, Remo Stars, were all executed without ado; seeing VFC successfully qualifying to the semi-finals.

Unfortunately, we were surprised to receive a late notification last night expressing that if the team failed to adorn the VALUJET branded apparel, VFC would have to discontinue the tournament.

In the light of this, Vandrezzer FC have had to forfeit their semi final showdown against Smart City and have kissed the tournament goodbye.

We deeply regret the disappointment you, our esteemed fans and supporters must feel at the turn of events, especially as you were looking forward to continuing the entertaining football from your favorite team. It is on record that the VFC team have made a really good showing at the tournament, and put up one of the best performances at the tournament so far. 

However, as a club with respect for contracts and global best practices, we had to insist on playing with our traditional Lions jerseys, and to which the organizers insisted that we would not be permitted to adorn.


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