Vandrezzer FC is a professional football club that competes in the Nigeria National League (NNL) - the second tier of Nigerian club football. 

Nicknamed the ‘Lions of Naija’, Vandrezzer FC is driven by the vision of her founder to bring about a change in the narrative of football club management in Nigeria. Since it’s establishment precisely one year ago, on September 11, 2019; Vandrezzer FC has been at the forefront of redefining the dynamics of club football management in Nigeria, riding on its four cardinal principles of Football artistry, Arts, Entertainment and Hospitality.

Working with a business model focused on fans engagement, merchandising, ticket sales, broadcasting rights, Vandrezzer FC is determined to be a trailblazer in promoting the ‘football for business’ concept in Nigeria.


Not discouraged by the stalemate of the 2019/2020 NNL league season, and subsequently the COVID-19 induced lock-down; the club remained resolute and undaunted in her pursuit for excellence, keeping her teeming global fans constantly engaged on all her social media handles.  

In addition, Vandrezzer FC launched her fully enhanced and interactive website, designed as a digital platform to cater to fans, sponsors and merchandising agents, dishing out professional and delightful content.

These efforts did not go unnoticed, as Vandrezzer FC got what could be described as her first official global recognition on August 27, 2020, when she was rated by the Global Digital Football Benchmark study as the most followed football club in Nigeria and the 37th best in Africa!

Vandrezzer FC has through the support of her global principal partner, Vandrezzer Energy Services Limited, acquired a state-of-the-art audio sound system from Amate sounds in Spain to provide crispy clear audio entertainment on match days. 

Still in line with the culture of excellence, the club engaged with UK top brand suppliers, including suppliers of grounds management equipment and have acquired best in class grounds equipment for effective maintenance of her football pitches. 

Furthermore, as part of her efforts to up the game of football in Nigeria, and to give voice to her online campaign of “good pitches make good football” Vandrezzer FC has initiated the process with the grounds management experts in UK to provide training to willing Nigerian football clubs on how to build and maintain good pitches.

At its disposal is an asset of 4.0 hectares of land, with a planned acquisition of a further 12.0 hectares for the planned development of her Tier 2 Football academy, while the latter acquisition would cater to the future expansion and planned upgrade of the academy to the UEFA Tier 1 status.

With a focus to enhancing football business through the use of technology, Vandrezzer FC has acquired Sports performance wearable GPS trackers - the most advanced athlete fitness tracking device ever made for individuals,; and Veo un-manned camera AI technology which automatically detects where the ball is and digitally pans and zooms. 

All this to mention but a few technology-based acquisitions for its newly created sports science department to be headed by a UK leading sports scientist, the first of its kind in Nigeria! Medical equipment such as several units of brand new automated external defibrillators (AED) are not left out.

To top it up, Vandrezzer FC has launched  a dedicated mobile app, now available for download on android (IOS version will be uploaded soon). The Vandrezzer FC mobile app brings the club information and products to the fingertips of her fans, giving them a richer experience and engagement with their dear club.

Other innovative products in the works from the club include VFC TV Pro - to watch all Vandrezzer FC LIVE & past games; and the official launch of the "One Lion" campaign,  as well as our Dynamic supporters' fans group, a subset of the fans club established specifically to cater for our physically challenged fans, among others. 

Projecting “ Football for business” - a favorite catchphrase of the Vandrezzer FC management; there is no doubt that with the entrance of Vandrezzer FC into the football arena, Nigerian football will never remain the same again!

Vandrezzer FC... won’t walk that road without you.

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