Technical director of Vandrezzer FC, Jonathan Pepper has decried the poor organisation of league football in Nigeria, adding that there hasn't been any positive change since he joined the Nigerian football system early this year.

Pepper shared his thoughts in an interview with VFC media.

"I do not think there has been any dramatic change. I think obviously everyone is aware within Nigeria. Different things have happened during the season and I think probably the authorities, the federation and the league organisers need to look at the standard of how they operate across the board: the officiating, the standard of the pitches, the organisation of the league, hence, we have got a suspension at the moment".

Pepper described the current situation where the league has been halted a few times and currently on hold as frustrating.

"It is very frustrating. As a club, we are trying to do things correctly and the things out of our control are difficult. There needs to be a big change in what is happening within Nigerian football. That is just from my Vandrezzer point of view. 

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"I think everyone gets frustrated with the way things are conducted and operated within the country; and it is a shame because there are a lot of good people here, a lot of talents here who need the best environment, the best situation to showcase themselves, to showcase to the world that Nigeria has some quality footballers the people that they should be proud of, but certainly not proud of how they operate from a governance point of view and at league level.

The ex-Burnley Academy director also spoke highly of his experience at Vandrezzer FC since taking charge, describing it as exciting.

"It is been really exciting. I have met a lot of good people. We have a very good vision and passion for what we are trying to do. We are facing constant challenges and we are trying to get over them and jump over few hurdles. I really enjoy my time so far and hopefully many more to come in the future. We need to make the most of the talents we have and keep moving forward."

The Lions of Naija are currently at their training base in Uyo in anticipation of return to competitive action, with two outstanding matches left to play in the 2022 NNL season.

NNL management had earlier this month put the league on an indefinite hold due to lack of funds to sort out referees to prosecute the remainder of the league. 

Meanwhile, the VFC Board is set to meet on Friday to decide on whether to remain and continue to expend money aimlessly, or to pull-out of the epileptic 2022 league season. 


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