The Management of Vandrezzer FC wishes to notify her teeming fans of the recent acquisition of top of range, state of the art audio, visual and streaming equipment as part of the club’s resolve to improve viewers’ experience and the quality of match broadcast in Nigeria.

The newly acquired equipment worth millions of naira, would improve the quality of production of audio-visual content available on the club’s VFCTV and on her social media platform. 

Speaking to Vandrezzer media, the Acting Chief Operating Officer of the club, Mr. Kingsley Ogbonna noted “At VFC, we strive for excellence, believing that what is worth doing is worth doing well. We have procured additional media equipment that will aid in telling our story through professionally produced videos in an incredibly powerful manner.”

“With the procured equipment, the club would be better disposed to cover live sport events and produce brand documentaries, behind the scenes, Interview videos, daily contents production and other commercials for the club."

"The club is already putting together an additional team of professional and amateur videographers, camera operators, assistants and other media personnel, who would be trained in the use of the equipment. They would be taught how to write script, shoot, edit, produce and manage video content effectively. They would also learn how to produce a variety of shooting scenarios, creative post-production including sound design, and even marketing and distribution.”

"Also, in an attempt to further tack the challenges debilitating against the organisation, management and growth of professional football in Nigeria, the club is in talks to acquire VAR license for the possible implementation of the technology in Nigeria."

"The club is also disposed to partnering with the Football Authorities for the testing of the technology and training of VAR and Goal line technology operators in Nigeria as this technology will aid better identification of goals, penalties, red card offenses, and mistaken identity." 

The club is fully committed and looking forward to collaborating with the Federation and league authorities to raise the bar of the game in line with global best practices.

Vandrezzer FC...won't walk that road without you!

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