Vandrezzer FC have been awarded three points and three goals after opponents Delta Force failed to turn up for Sunday’s season finale at the Legacy Pitch, National Stadium, Lagos.

After waiting over thirty minutes after official kick-off time (15:00 Hrs), center referee Ajibor Chineme accompanied by his assistants Eze Edwin, Iheanacho Chukwuemeka, and Ruth Okafor, performed the customary walk-over ritual at exactly 15:35 Hrs, after briefing the players of the decision.

Under global football rules, if another fails to turn up for a game without a case of force majeure, the match officials award “three points and three goals” to the team that turned up. 

The development sees the Lions end the 2020/21 with 27 points from twenty games, and are in line to finish the season in 5th or 6th position, depending on the outcome of other games in the group.

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