Our midfield maestro, Isaac Saviour believes Vandrezzer FC will be league champions, after winning the Lagos FA Cup last month to emerge the best team in the state. 

Isaac put in a Man of the Match performance in the Lagos FA Cup final at the Teslim Balogun Stadium to help us win our first trophy and a chance to represent Lagos State in next year’s Aiteo Cup.

Despite receiving a very heavy and dangerous tackle in the 8th minute which left him unconscious for some minutes, the attacking midfielder roared back onto the pitch, putting aside the unfortunate incident to emerge Most Valuable Player of the final.

In this interview with VFC Media shortly after arriving pre-season camp ,Isaac says the whole squad feels like champions.


It has been about two weeks since you and your teammates are on the FA Cup, how do you still feel about the feat?

“I and I’m sure the rest of the squad still feel like the champions that we are, it’s a great feeling waking up every morning for the past days to look at your winners medal. I feel very grateful for that.”

What in your opinion was responsible for VFC’s success?

“I will start from the club President and Board Members, there has been a lot of motivation from them. I don’t think there is any reason each player won’t want to give it best performance to the team. So, a lot of good things have been happening with the squad, we have all the facilities, team members are been paid. Everyone is satisfied with the effort of the management, that is the reason for the team’s achievement. Also this is the beginning of greatness for the team, we will do more by God’s grace.”

It was sweet victory in the end after a tough tournament right?

“Yeah sure. It was not an easy outing from the beginning, because everybody ofcourse wanted to win, but we thank God Vandrezzer FC crossed the hurdles even though it was difficult. In knockout games, conceding first is always very risky, the possibility of coming back into the game is very slim, but we did our best, we took each game at a time.”

A game at a time - you said that after scoring the VFC’s first goal of this tournament

“Yeah! that’s what I said. It was very important we focus on each game, and came out with new strategy against each opponent up till the final game. We give glory to God for making us champions at the end of the tournament.”

Now that you are champions of Lagos, is the next move to win the league?

“That is the next move. We have emerged the best team in Lagos and I believe a lot of big things will come our way. It’s going to be a surprise package, the way it came in two weeks ago. I believe we will win the league this season because the management is top notch and team is in high spirit, our opponents will not be able to withstand us.”

Thanks Isaac and welcome back

My pleasure. Thank you too. 

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