Throughout the course of our journey as a football club, we have been fortunate to be blessed by great supporters. 

Supporters that have in no small measure, motivated us to keep going, and keep striving for excellence. 

Supporters who believe in our movement to be a football club with honesty, integrity, and in consonance with first  class football standards, according to global best practices. 

It is with these sort of supporters that we live for,  and are blessed to be in existence, even though the Nigerian football terrain has been extremely perverse. 

Today, permit us to celebrate one of such great supporters. 

Jesuyon Goboze  and his team deserve special commendation for growing a large community of VFC Supporters Club in Osun State, who came out in their numbers to stand by the Lions last week in OAU, Ile-Ife, Osun State. 

You see, great people talk about ideas, and work towards making those ideas come to life. This is what Jesuyon and his team did with the Osun VFC Supporters Club. 

Jesuyon & team keeps raising the bar with their ever-growing love for VFC, a fact which manifested a lot last season, leading to the team leader, Jesuyon to be crowned the 2021 Supporter Of The Year.  

We also wish to thank the colorful VFC Supporters in Osun for showing everyone present at the OAU stadium on Saturday that indeed we are a movement, we are strong, unbreakable, and will always stand for what’s right.

Thank you for the gift, the cheers, love, and support from Jesuyon and everybody in Osun State.

We are delighted you all are with us on this work, on something that really matters to the youths of our dear country especially. 

We love Osun People and Together we can achieve more! 

Indeed, we are Victorious Together!


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