The Official Supporters Clubs avail you an extraordinary way to connect with other enthusiastic supporters of the club, wherever you are around the world. We have established great relationships with members of our Official Supporters Club network and delight the Secretaries and members with amazing rewards packages.

By default, all Official Supporters Clubs will be part of our Reward scheme which has been carefully designed to offer better benefits to Official Supporters Clubs wherever they are in the world, irrespective of the number of premium members that belong to that supporter's club.

Rewards Scheme

Our Reward Scheme is designed to give more benefits to the supporter’s clubs that have more fans in their club. At first, you receive a welcome pack comprising of our merchandise, a signed certificate, and a banner. As your Supporter Club progresses, you unlock more rewards.

Key benefits for members and secretaries

The levels within the status of the reward are as follows: 

10 to 49 members: Official Supporters Club:

    - A welcome pack with the club Jersey and merchandise, a signed certificate, and banner.

50 to 99 members: Official 50 Supporters Club:

    - Access to all digital benefits, competitions, and giveaway programmes.

100 to 499 members: Official 100 Supporters Club:

    - Pitch presentation, meet and greet with the players.

500 to 999 members: Official 500 Supporters Club:

    - Access to the player's training, an official club plaque.

1000+ members: Official 1000 Supporters Club: 

   - A day with Vandrezzer FC players, trophy, and stadium tour.

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